1. Good honest update Simon. Not sure though if everyone always gets the difference – pillar 1 is subsidy to support farming activities and pillar 2 are support payments to pay for costs foregone in undertaking enviro works. Some would like to see subsidies for farming disappear but keep support for enviro works – but that is the subject of a much longer complex piece!

    Engagement with those who live and work in areas earmarked for rewilding – whatever its many meanings – is long overdue. As indeed are the cultural and social science ramifications in overturning generations of upland farming and gamekeeping that have both created and damaged environments so revered by conservationists.
    I, as a rural surveyor and commentator, aim to explore this here in the Brecon Beacons 3 Feb http://www.breconbeaconsparksociety.org/walks/events/

  2. Excellent article Simon, thank you. It chimes with many of my own thoughts. Proclaiming extremes and generalisations in the media, as some protagonists of rewilding have been doing, is in danger of being counter-productive.

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